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Obama Addresses Gaffe, Still Good President

President Obama has apologized to the chairman of the Special Olympics for his late-night talk show quip equating his bowling skills to those of athletes with disabilities.

…”He expressed his disappointment and he apologized in a way that was very moving. He expressed that he did not intend to humiliate this population,” Shriver said


On Friday, the top bowler for the Special Olympics said he could beat Obama easily.

“He bowled a 129. I bowl a 300,” Michigan’s Kolan McConiughey, who is mentally disabled, told The Associated Press. He has bowled five perfect games since 2005.


Good for Obama for apologizing. Let’s also note that there was an entire conversation, of which this fragment of a sentence was a tiny fraction, in which our new president demonstrated a real understanding of the plight of the American people as a result of the Republican Depression, and also demonstrated that the Obama administration has a reasonable chance of actually moving things in a very positive direction.

Let me tell you something: Obama is going to be out there all the time, compared to Regan, Bush, the other smarmy republicans who could not really be trusted ‘out there’ with ‘the message’ because they were, well, dumb fucks. So folks, get ready for the occasional gaff among a sea of common sense, helpful commentary, hopeful rhetoric, and most uniquely and insanely novel, real policy explanations that are detailed and honest. How strange to hear that coming from the prez zee dent .

Texas Creationists Pwned By Genie Scott

This is why we love Genie Scott:

The NCSE now has a channel on You Tube, and at this time you can see most, probably all, of Genie’s testimony in Texas. It is very instructive.


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All corporations are inherently evil.

First, check this out, then I’ve got a story of my own:

“Last week, LAPTOP reported that Office Depot employees were routinely lying to customers about notebook inventory, telling them that systems were out of stock if they didn’t want to buy extended warranties or tech services. Now LAPTOP has spoken to more Office Depot associates, one of whom goes by the name Alex and reports widespread altering of prices in his region. He says he even Photoshops higher price tags on clearance notebooks so that associates can tell customers that they’re getting a free warranty or tech service, when the price has been raised to cover it. LAPTOP also talked to a representative from the FTC, who would not comment on Office Depot specifically, but said that the sales practices described by LAPTOP clearly violate federal law.”

Details and links here.

So, Julia and I were in an Office Depot. There was a computer advertised for about 500.00. The sticker said “Computer: $500. X Ram, Y processer speed, Z whateverwhatever, Monitor, Printer.”

So, I asked the nearest employee looking person what kind of monitor came with the 500.00 computer.

“Oh, no monitor with that, sir.”

“No, this computer here. See?” … pointing at sticker that indicated that a monitor was included.

“No, no, see this blank part of the sticker here?” He’s pointing at some blank part of the sticker. “This is where the words “Monitor and Printer are supposed to go, underneath the words ‘don’t forget to buy'”

“I see,” said I. “So, which monitor are you going to include with this computer if I buy it. Because this sticker says there’s a monitor with the computer.”

“None. See, there is not monitor with the compu…”

“Yes there is. If the sign says there is, there is. This is the way the law works in Minnesota. You have merchandise, you label it with a price, that’s what it sells for. This is a clear case.”


“I want three of these computers. Which monitor goes with them. And the printer, don’t forget the printer.”

“No, you see, this was a mistake. The central office printed the labels out wro…”

“Get the manager. Now.”

“I am the manager.”

“Good, then fix this.”

Within seconds, all the price tags were gone. He took them price tags off o’ them shelves as fast as a weasel could eat a lemming, as they say.

“I’ll be back.” I said. “If these stickers are in place, you’re selling me a computer with a printer and a monitor.”

“As you wish, sir…”

“And my lawyer.”

“Your lawyer?”

“I happen to know she’s in the market for a computer. Or two. Or five.”

Blank stare. Julia is laughing hysterically. We left without buying anything.


Here it is:

Obama did very well, got repeated cheers for his policy related statements, told interesting stories about life in the White House (and Life in the Bubble).

He did make one goof that the conservative blogosphere is getting all juicy about. He made the link between his bowling abilities and the Special Olympics. He is being accused of “mocking the Special Olympics.” Of course, he was actually mocking himself. At the expense of the Special Olympics.

(If you watch the video, I think at about -3:40 or so, you will see this moment, and you’ll see how professional Leno and Obama are. There’s just a tiny bit of Ooops in their faces and body language, and then they move on to the next phrase without a moment’s hesitation.)

So, everyone … and I mean everyone …. who has ever added the suffix “tard” to the end of something in a derogatory way, shut up. Just. Shut. Up. The rest of you may or may not have a right to an opinion on this.