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My wife just got a link sent to her by a fellow teacher that points to a site that shows visually what a trillion dollars and two cents would look like if you put it all in one place. Check it out:

What does one TRILLION dollars look like?

But be careful, DO NOT CLICK ON THE SITE. Just use your scroll bars to move around on it, because it will throw one of the more obnoxious ads evah in your face just when you least expect it.

Oh, I was only kidding about the two cents part.

Condor Shot, Wounded, In Treatment

A California Condor was apparently ill (with suspected lead poisoning) so it was brought in for treatment. It was then discovered that it had been shot some time earlier .

Unable to eat on its own, the condor was under intensive care at the Los Angeles Zoo and its prognosis was guarded, said Susie Kasielke, curator of birds.

X-rays taken at the zoo turned up shotgun pellets embedded in its flesh, she said. Those wounds had healed.

It could not be determined if the pellets were lead or steel, but the poisoning was most likely caused by the bird ingesting spent lead ammunition in carcasses of animals that had been shot by hunters, Kasielke said.

Hat tip, Corey at 10KB

Condom Breakage Survey Breaks Survey Site

The survey site burst open releasing all the data into …. wherever. So please go do it again. Scicurious has a more robust survey site that won’t break. It might not feel as natural but it won’t break.


Actually, if you took the survey and were able to finish, then you can relax, have a smoke, take a nap, whatever, and you don’t need to do it gain. If, however, you were unable to finish last time, you can now go and try again.