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Do you know what the EFCA is?

EFCA stands for the Employee Free Choice Act, and it is the controversial US federal bill that would change the way Unions can be formed in the workplace. This bill is so controversial that it is one of the reasons that the Republican Party is willing to do whatever it takes to keep the Minnesota Senate Recount going as long as possible (the Republicans oppose the bill, as they oppose all that is Union).

Having said that, it is very true that most people don’t really know diddly squat about the EFCA, yet most of the same ingoramouses (myself included1) manage to have an opinion about it. But that is no longer necessary, as Stephanie Zvan explains the bill RIGHT HERE.

1 Don’t even think about getting cute with me on this, or I’ll kick your ass out your left nostril. Sorry, I had to say that to counteract the effects of breaking Number One Rule of Blogging, which is Never Admit a Weakness or the Trolls Will Eat You.

Adria on Rachel Maddow

Rachel has a flashback … And ends up in Minnesota.

Adria’s web site is here.

What I learned today (A movie review)

1) No matter how secure the secret government facility, there will always be an unguarded network of tube-like service entrances;

2) The head of the most important secret government agency, charged with the greatest of responsibilities, will be a knuckle headed moron;

3) No matter how many people are after you, using all sorts of equipment, there is always time for a long good bye;

4) A man can be slammed on the floor, wall, and ceiling by a Golem-like evil monster bad guy as many times as you like and he’ll be fine. If he’s The Rock; and

5) Race to Witch Mountain is a good movie.

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