Daily Archives: March 11, 2009

American-like killings in Germany

Don’t overlook the awful news from Germany, in which a taunted and bullied crazy person killed 15 people and self. He started out in his old High School where he gunned down 9 people, so quickly that many of the dead were students found with their head on the desk and their pencils still in their hands. He took off, initiating a huge manhunt, hijacked a car, killed a bunch more people, had a shootout with the police, ran away and finally killed himself.

The weapon was a handgun from his father’s gun collection.

Since the Germans have stricter gun ownership rules than the Americans, and within a forty eight hour period more people were killed in a spectacular shooting spree than in America (by a few), we can now argue that American gun laws should be relaxed. Or at least, that will be the logic coming from the Gun Nuts.

Gun nuts? Care to defend yourselves on this one?

Gates = Richest Person In The World

Bill Gates is now (once again) the richest person in the world, even though he lost a personal 18 billion dollars since last year.

In other words, Bill Gates lost more than the GNP of Kenya, El Salvador, Iraq, Qatar and about a hundred other countries. If Bill gaes was a country, he’d be about the fiftieth richest, give or take. (For reference, there seems to be about 224 countries in the world at the moment.)

more of the gruesome details