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It was a dark and stormy night. And at the end of the road, a truly frightful sight!

..Dr. Michael Behe is a biochemist at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania. He’s also a senior fellow at the Discovery Institute, a well known creationist think tank whose purpose is to disguise religious doctrine as science in order to avoid the Constitutional ban on promoting religion in public schools. It was Behe that we were heading down to see….

From Lou’s “Brief History of Moonbats”

The One True Editor

Emacs is exactly like a religion. A western religion, at least, operates by testing the faith of its participants. The god coldly allows babies to die of unexplained illnesses, violence to affect the innocent, wars to break out, natural disasters to ruin everything. That we mortals have faith that this is a loving and intelligent, all knowing god causes us to question reality itself, our selves, our church or temple, and our religious leaders. But this questioning followed by resolve, strengthens character. Or, ruins character. It could really go either way, which is why so many object to religious pursuits.

But in Emacs we find a solution.
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Yet Another Moon Found

… hiding in a Ring of Saturn.

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has found within Saturn’s G ring an embedded moonlet that appears as a faint, moving pinprick of light. Scientists believe it is a main source of the G ring and its single ring arc.

Cassini imaging scientists analyzing images acquired over the course of about 600 days found the tiny moonlet, half a kilometer (about a third of a mile) across, embedded within a partial ring, or ring arc, previously found by Cassini in Saturn’s tenuous G ring.

The finding is being announced today in an International Astronomical Union circular.

You can see the moon as a bright dot in three different locations in the arc of a planetary ring in this photo:


See an uncropped version of this photo here and here, and more information here.

Give Some Money to Al Franken!!!!!!

Seriously! The Franken team is now entering the ‘defense’ phase of the absurd Election Challenge launched by Norman Coleman, who lost the election for Senate to Al Franken but who refuses to give up his seat.

If everybody who reads this blog sends five dollars to Al, they’ll have enough to … well, to make some photocopies or something. But every little bit helps!!!!!!!

Rumors are, as you know, that the Coleman Campaign is out fund raising. We’ve got to help Al.