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LightScribe Technology and Why Windows Sucks

I know every computer box needs a CD/DVD reader in order to boot the thing up under adverse conditions (and your system should always be set up so that you can do this, by the way!). But as a matter of actual functionality, maintaining a current and high-functioning version of this sort of device, or two or more of them especially, built into the box is usually a bad idea for me. My computer boxes are not ever conveniently located. For my main computer, I can reach the off on switch with my toe, which is how I start up the machine. (The button is not needed to turn it off, of course.) So I can’t really easily reach the CD/DVD drives. And, over time, these drives get old, or slow, or just don’t do everything you want, and if you have two or three computers in the household (don’t forget to count everyone’s laptop) an external DVD/CD burner/reader might be a better option than trying to keep each machine functioning in top form.

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More Verizon Wireless Math

… more like Verizon Without a Net Math …

I would like to have seen a calculation of how far off these were in dollars per week. Canadian dollars, I suppose.

The fact that the rates quoted are almost always an order of magnitude or two lower than the actual rates would strongly suggest that as a class, Verizon Wireless customers are being robbed intentionally by the corporation. It would seem that these service personnel are being trained to lie. Otherwise, there would be a more even distribution of incorrect statements. Am I wrong?

But wait, there’s more:

Verizon, Don’t Waste Your Time With Cents! Spend Your Time With Your Children Instead!!!!!