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Ick. The Super Bull

If Arnold was a bovine, he’d look like this.

Now, the lady cows say that they find this disgusting, but all the boy cows don’t believe that and are intimidated nonetheless.

But seriously, this looks to me like a mutation that we’ve known about for some time, and published versions of mice that look like this cow (but with cute little ears and a different tail) are also out there somewhere. Imagine this mutation in a human. Would that be a Neanderthal? Sort of?

Story here.

Diatoms Large and Small

ResearchBlogging.orgDiatoms are algae with hard parts. They make up a major part of the plankton found in fresh and salt water environments. Usually, diatoms exist as single celled free floating organisms, but they can also be colonies of several single cells. Their tiny little ‘shells’ are made up of silica (these shells are called “fustules”).
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Michele Bachmann “I Saw Bigfoot in Georgetown!”

Well, not really, but she did mention that we are Running Out of Rich People!!!11!!!!

This first bit below is from a few days back is just full of gems. I’m giving you the whole radio interview here. Below, is an annotated version that may be more enjoyable. Either way, shoot up some Valium first.

She gets giddy over Acorn, and at just under nine minutes declares that we are running out of rich people. She also mentions that any Republicans that don’t vote as she wishes are not really Republicans. And considering how ICKY she is, it’s pretty amazing that she can’t pronounce the “ic” in “DemocratIC Party.”

HT, Minnesota Progressive, Dump Michele Bachmann, and Monica

And now the annotated version from Countdown:

Stop Denying The Existence of the Divine Creator

In Washington. That’s the idea of newly proposed ballot measure.

This measure would prohibit state use of public money or lands for anything that denies or attempts to refute the existence of a supreme ruler of the universe, including textbooks, instruction or research.

The Supreme Being. Stop Denying Him/Her.

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Goodbye Toby (the dog)

I asked our vet this morning whether she thought our pets somehow understood that we thought we were doing them a kindness when we brought them into the vet to be euthanized. I thought it was mostly a rhetorical question at the time, a way of stalling, a way to avoid crying, which I hadn’t thought I was going to do but did anyway, and a way, maybe, to beg for absolution.

… at Quiche Moraine, guest post by Heather Rosa.