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Medical Emergency at the Inauguration: Kenndy and Byrd!

As we speak, someone is getting medical treatment at the inaugural indoors ceremony lunch thingie. Details will follow.

It is not the president or the vp or their immediate families. There are a lot of old people there, it could be almost anything.

UPDATE: It was Ted Kennedy, taken away on a stretcher. Hopefully a minor setback and nothing more.

Ambulances pulled up to the building, but have not pulled out yet. Perviously, Kennedy has been brought to the hospital a couple of times and has gotten past it pretty easily. He is fragile, clearly.

Kennedy was in a state of convulsions and was taken out in that state. Earlier, Senator Robert Byrd was having some kind of trouble eating, not too serious, was also taken away.

UPDATE: Kennedy was in a wheelchair at the time of the attack. Medical people came out and converted his (obviously very fancy) wheel chair into a stretcher (a transformer wheelchair) and, the Senator still convulsing, was pulled out of the room and brought to the building’s medical facility.

UPDATE: No, Nora of MSNBC had it wrong … Kennedy was not taken to the building’s medical facility. He was stuffed directly into the ambulance, he was conscious, and apparently in pain.

UPDATE: Obama jumped in to help, and Dodd and Kerry and others helped him out of the room to the ambulance. Dodd and Kerry can be seen in a clip that is being rolled now and then at the ambulance site.

UPDATE: There is a report that Kennedy had already started to “seem much better” as he was getting into the ambulance.

OMG They Screwed Up the Oath of Office!


I am rolling of the floor laughing (ROFL). If you didn’t see it, watch the YouTube Video.

(He totally made up for it with the speech, of course.)

You may also note two precious moments earlier in the day:

1) When George Herbert Walker Bush was coming out to the stage and walking between the marine guards, he slapped one of the guards on the ass.

2) When George Bush (our newly formered president)’s image was first shown to the crowd before he came out, the crowd started singing that song … “Hey hey hey, good bye…” (You know the song.)

Oh, and Rick Warren. Gag me.

Oh, from the speech: “We are a nation of bla bla bla and unbelievers.”


Very pro science talk.

There is some live blogging going on here .

Nice poem.

Benediction. Ick.

Two men go in, one comes out. And gets in a helicopter and flies away. Magic. Good bye, you fucking bastard.

As the bush helicopter is flying off, the crowd has broken out again in song: Hey hey hey, good bye!!!!!!

From now on I totally love that song.

Uffda. The third major religulous event is now underway at the post-inaugural lunch.