Daily Archives: June 12, 2008

Impossible Voyage becomes Ever More Possible


This camera pill is not larger than a candy. It can be swallowed by the patient. The doctor steers it through esophagus and stomach ….
So, you swallow this “pill” and miniaturized scientists riding inside get to travel around inside your body like in that movie, doing battle with your immune system while searching for a deadly clot, and running dangerously low on fuel.Well, not exactly. This IS a camera that you swallow. That is not so unusual. Doctors have had patients swallow cameras for some time now, to give them a look at the inside of your alimentary tract. This camera is different because the doctors do get to drive it , though not by using miniaturized pilots. Continue reading Impossible Voyage becomes Ever More Possible

Pluto Gets Consolation Prize, Will Thumb Nose at Astronomers Forever

Pluto is the ninth planet in our solar system. In our planetary mythology, it is the ninth planet, it is small, far away, cold, and there is an important cartoon dog named after it. But astronomers decided a while ago that Pluto is not a planet. That throws everything out of balance. Nine Planets is not just some number (nine, in this case) and the word “planets.” It is a balanced equation, an iconic formula. Like the Holy Trinity. Or the Ten Commandments. Or the Three Stooges. Can you imagine a world in which there are only two stooges?Well, Pluto has been given a kind of compromise …. a fully inadequate one … but also a kind of honor. Continue reading Pluto Gets Consolation Prize, Will Thumb Nose at Astronomers Forever

How do you pick a content management system?


Joomla! is a Content Management System that is so widely used and cool that you can buy Joomla logo gear, like this shirt. Could that mean that it is a good CMS?
And why would you want one?Before I started Gregladen.com, I went through all of the content management sites that I had available to me in order to consider possibilities for running my blog. I ended up using WordPress, which is a kind of CMS that specialized in blogs, for a number of reasons. But I did use a couple of different content management systems for private or small scale projects. At the moment, I’m looking again at CMS as a solution for something we need to fix at The U.But how do you pick one? Continue reading How do you pick a content management system?