Daily Archives: June 2, 2008

Unbelievable Magic Illusion Thingie

Look at the following image.i-5d2f6f8a03a66222da7aa414d1ee81dd-illusion.jpgLook in particular at squares A and B. A appears to be dark grey, B appears to be white or whitish. But in fact, they are the same exact color.Don’ t believe it? Me neither! Or at least, I didn’t until I went ahead and deleted most everything that is not A or B from this picture. When you do that, you get this: Continue reading Unbelievable Magic Illusion Thingie

Politicians acting badly (yawn)

Thank you Joshua Zelinsky for pointing out my error regarding the Florida Democratic Party. Yes, SuperKufr, you may not like the sound of the word “Punish” but as a Democrat (Active, Matt) I do.Throw the slob into the gravel pit. Then let the Floridians vote. Oh, and Hillary Campaign Guy? Kiss my ass. If Clinton wins, will you have a job in the White House?(Sorry, I’m a little pissed. I took someone’s word for this.)

Happy Birthday Surveyor One


Surveyor 1 Lunar Lander
On June 2, 1966, a robot alien sent from the United States landed on The Moon. This was the first US “soft landing” on Moon (the Soviets had a previous soft landing, known as Luna 9, four months earlier).Surveyor transmitted 11,237 photographs to earth.