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Can Darwin Make You Healthy?

A talk by Mark Decker!May 20, 7 p.m.Bryant-Lake Bowl, Uptown$5-$10 (pay what you can)Darwin wrote about the competition between individuals that results in the survival of the fittest. But what about competitions within individuals, between the cells inside our bodies? In that struggle, cancer cells could be considered the most successful since they are the most prolific. Can Darwin provide us with a novel approach to understanding cancer? How might Darwin explain the degenerative diseases of old age? Some biologists suspect that evolution actually favors diseases of old age. In fact, an evolutionary approach to studying longevity, scrutinizing the lowly roundworm, may yield secrets to a long and vigorous life. Explore these and other medical applications of Darwinism in a discussion with Mark Decker, an evolutionary biologist in the University’s Biology Program.

Conservatives: What you really really want is to make the gay people get married. Now.

A guest editorial post on gay marriage by Jimmy James Bettencourt.

Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres are to be married in California. This will ensure the protection of their children and their creditors.

I do not understand why gay marriage is not a conservative issue.

Gay people have been getting away with all kinds of shit for too long and it is time to stop. Straight people are getting screwed and if the government is going to do something useful, they should act now in every state … and nationally … and not just in California and Massachusetts.

Gay people already have several built in advantages in life over straight people. The very fact that they do not have to spend time and energy negotiating with members of the opposite sex in relation to personal matters such as sexual liasons or household division of labor gives them time to expend energy on other things such as running businesses, getting educated, and supporting political causes. Thus, in all the ways we expect people to behave in this free-market democracy, gay people have a significant advantage. And I for one am tired of it.

Everybody knows that the “old boy’s club” is the way to go if you want to get things organized. But the gay version of this … and there is more than one possible version … is clearly much more organized and powerful. I suppose this is because gay people are, once again, less distracted by the difficulties of being straight. This is probably why quasi-gay organizations like Bohemian Grove and the Tri-Lateral Commission have pretty much taken over the worlds of finance and arms trafficking. respectively.

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