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Impacts of anthropogenic climate change many, varied


Impacts from warming are evident in satellite images showing that lakes in Siberia disappearing as the permafrost thaws and lake water drains deeper into the ground. Credit: NASA Earth Observatory
A new study led by NASA links anthropogenic climate change to a wide range of effects. The study involved scientists from about a dozen institutions and agencies, and looked at biological impacts arising from global temperature increase since the 1970s. The article is published in Nature. According to lead author Cynthia Rosenweig, “This is the first study to link global temperature data sets, climate model results, and observed changes in a broad range of physical and biological systems to show the link between humans, climate, and impact … Humans are influencing climate through increasing greenhouse gas emissions and the warming is causing impacts on physical and biological systems that are now attributable at the global scale and in North America, Europe, and Asia.From the abstract of the paper: Continue reading Impacts of anthropogenic climate change many, varied

Blue Whale Excavation

i-7088e72b9ee935fe44dd2fc25c3744c6-Blue_Whale_Art.jpgHow big is a blue whale?A blue whale is so big that a person can swim through it’s largest blood vessels. A blue whale is so big that there are cars smaller than its heart. The blue whale is the largest animal on earth, now or ever, as far as we know. Its tongue is as large as the largest land animal on the present day earth (elephant). Oh, and it can go faster than most ships.A blue whale is so big that when it dies, it takes YEARS to rot. And it smells REALLY bad.And that is why people are moving out of a certain neighborhood in Canada. Continue reading Blue Whale Excavation