Daily Archives: May 10, 2008

Fishing Opener


This is one of the few Fishing Openers for which I’ve stayed in the Twin Cities since moving to Minnesota. Before moving to Minnesota, I had never heard of a thing called an “opener” before. Well, I had heard of openers, but they were tools used to open beers in the days before they figured out that if you left the bottle cap just a little loose, beer drinkers could twist the cap off without the tool … the opener. But that’s another story entirely. Continue reading Fishing Opener

Online Poll: Pledge of Allegiance in Small Town Minnesota

How should public school administrators react to students who sit through the pledge of allegiance in the US? This issue came up recently in a small town in western Minnesota, where kids were suspended and possibly humiliated because they failed to stand (in once case entirely by accident) for the pledge.There is now an on line poll being run by the Star Tribune in Minneapolis asking your opinion on this issue. Here.Hat Tip: Stephanie Z