Daily Archives: May 9, 2008

Alabama antievolution bill dies

NCSE Press Release:

House Bill 923 was among the hundreds of bills that died in the Alabama legislature “because they did not pass in the house where they were introduced,” the Associated Press (May 7, 2008) reports. The latest in a string of “academic freedom” bills aimed at undermining the teaching of evolution in Alabama, HB 923 purported to protect the right of teachers in the state’s public schools (including both K-12 and colleges and universities) to “present scientific information pertaining to the full range of scientific views in any curricula or course of learning,” especially with regard to topics that “may generate controversy, such as biological or chemical origins.” The bill also purported to address the rights of students, providing that “no student in any public school or institution of higher education … shall be penalized in any way because he or she may subscribe to a particular position on any views.” In 2004, a cosponsor of a previous version of the bill, SB 336, told the Montgomery Advertiser (February 18, 2004), “This bill will level the playing field because it allows a teacher to bring forward the biblical creation story of humankind.”

No More UN Aid to Burma

The first deliver of aid from the UN World Food Programme was stolen by officials from the Burma military Junta. As a result, the shipment of aid into the country by the UN has stopped.This is as earlier reports indicating that the death toll would surpass 100,000 are starting to look realistic, if not optimistic. Yesterday, a BBC reporter, under cover, was taken on a tour of the peninsula, where he and his crew filmed rice fields with a thin scatter of corpses. Tradition in this region dictates that the dead are cremated, but local monks claim that there is not enough firewood to cremate even a small percentage of the dead. Continue reading No More UN Aid to Burma