Daily Archives: May 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Spam

On May third, 1978, Gary Thuerk, working for the Digital Equipment Corporation Marketing Department, sent 393 unsolicited emails to users of Arpanet (arpanet would eventually become The Internet).Thuerk and Digitial Equipment Corporation were both chastised for this, and the official Arpanet administrators reprimanded DEC. Nobody liked the fact that Gary Thuerk had done this, and it was all round considered to be a bad idea, an abuse of the system, and something that should never happen again.Check out this page at New Scientist, on Spam.Also on this day, in 1491 Kongo leader Nkuwu Nzinga accepted Christianity from the Portuguese, thus rapidly accelerating the rate of development of the African Slave Trade; 160 were killed and nearly 300 injured in a freakish freight/passenger train wreck in Tokyo, in 1962; And 42 people were killed by a Tornado in Oklahoma City, in 1999.