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Human Nature Sucks

5 Mos. In Prison For Terrorizing Gay Neighbors

A British court has sentenced a woman to 150 days behind bars and her daughter to 24-months of supervised probation for a terror campaign against the gay couple who lived next door.The court was told that the pair began harassing Michael Harris and Shires Crichton, of Kingston, Kent, after the couple sided with another neighbor in a dispute.From March until May 2007 Karen Reeves, 44, and Christie Myles, 22, yelled homophobic remarks at the couple and on one occasion Reeves drove her car at one of the men.”Although there was no evidence of violence, the psychological affect on the victims has been far reaching,” judge Roger Scrase told Reeves during her sentencing.”In your case there are strong aggravating factors. Those factors are that you made homophobic gestures and remarks over an extended period and you showed no remorse.”

‘Untouchable’ woman dies after Indian medics refuse treatment from PhysOrg.com
An “untouchable” woman who gave birth outside an Indian hospital because doctors would not treat her died Thursday, a day after her baby, officials admitted.

Anglican Church Issues Warning Over Controversial South American Bishop

(Vancouver, British Columbia) A controversial Anglican leader from South America arrived in Canada on Wednesday, over the objections of the Anglican Church of Canada.The visit by Bishop Greg Venables threatens to further divide Anglicans in this country, where several congregations have split with the Canadian church to join Venables’ more conservative Buenos Aires-based diocese.Eleven more clergy members of the Anglican diocese of New Westminster handed in their resignations this week, saying they will continue under Venables’ jurisdiction.Venables, who is scheduled to speak at a weekend conference of the conservative Anglican Network of Canada, is “breaking the rules of the church” with his visit, says a church official.Archdeacon Paul Feheley, principal secretary to Archbishop Fred Hiltz, the head of the Anglican Church of Canada, said Venables shouldn’t be intervening in Canadian affairs.“Our point would be, you’re the one who’s coming into our territory. You’re the one breaking the traditions of the church. I think the onus is on him to call us,” Feheley told The Canadian Press.Hiltz had asked him to stay away, saying his visit will further harm the already tense relations between the Anglican church and Anglican Network of Canada.