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Be God

I have to confess that I really like Sim City. I have not touched it since I started blogging …. but I have many fond memories of firing all the hospital workers and unleashing tornadoes on wealthy neighborhoods, or using the terraforming tools to build landscape with a barely hidden but rich geological history then paving it over with suburbs, slums, and mixed used residential projects.But somehow, having all this power is a little unsatisfying. Maybe it would be more fun to be … I dunno, maybe ….i-e2401723fcf8416ffc2d6e3f8518379a-spore.jpg Continue reading Be God

Microsoft Works

… I’m talking about the “office suite” known as Microsoft Works. I’m not suggesting that Microsoft works.Increasingly, more an more people don’t know what Microsoft Works is because it has fallen into increasing obscurity. It is a kind of office suite that has a word processor, spread sheet, and maybe some other stuff. It is very inexpensive compared to, say MS Office.In years gone by I’ve taught a number of classes designed for High School Teachers. I discovered that a lot of teachers used MS Works. I discovered this the hard way when I started receiving assignments and other documents in a format that could not be opened by any software on my computer (then a Windows computer). At that point in time, anyway, even Microsoft Office would not read Works files. Continue reading Microsoft Works

Intertubes Will Clog in Two Years

AT&T is making the claim that the Internet will reach its full capacity limit by 2010.

… Jim Cicconi, vice president of legislative affairs for AT&T, warned that the current systems that constitute the Internet will not be able to cope with the increasing amounts of video and user-generated content being uploaded.”The surge in online content is at the center of the most dramatic changes affecting the Internet today,” he said. “In three years’ time, 20 typical households will generate more traffic than the entire Internet today.”

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Early Video of PZ Myers!!!

Not many people know this, but PZ Myers, when he was a little kid, made an appearance on Mr. Science (actually, PZ mentions this often in public lectures as a reason he got into science, but I’ve never noticed him say anything about this on his blog). This was the first episode ever made, but it was never shown for some reason. This episode was made with an actor who preceded the better known Mr. Science. Apparently the actor in this video made only this one episode, I’m not sure why. Anyway, enjoy!Hat Tip: PZ Myers

Happy One Hundred and Fifteenth Birthday Edna Parker!

i-39df92136e89365785d08ff2a2f05005-edna.jpgApparently there are only about 75 known individuals over 110 years of age.Edna was born on April 20th, 1893 *.In that year, US Marines invaded Hawaii and overthrew the Hawaiian Queen. Thomas Edison was just finishing off construction of the first movie studio. President of the United States Grover Cleveland underwent secret surgery in this year. Ulysses S. Grant was born in this year. The geologist, not the general/president!The only important event listed on Wikipieda of this specific day in 1893 was … wait for it. Continue reading Happy One Hundred and Fifteenth Birthday Edna Parker!

Louisiana’s Stealth Creationism Bill Takes A Hit

Louisiana State Senate Bill 561 is an “academic freedom” bill intended to push discussion of creationism, global warming denialism, and so on into state public schools. This is the latest in a long series of efforts of right wing fundamentalist christians to indoctrinate public school students in their particular religious (and political) beliefs. Continue reading Louisiana’s Stealth Creationism Bill Takes A Hit