Daily Archives: April 18, 2008

The Best Laid Plans…

The Best Laid Plans…A homeless man has found confidential blueprints for New York’s new Freedom Tower dumped in a city rubbish bin.Mike Fleming handed the documents – marked “Secure Document – Confidential” in to the New York Post newspaper.The Freedom Tower is being built at Ground Zero, to replace the World Trade Centre towers destroyed on 9/11.A spokeswoman apologised for the security breach and said that anyone found responsible would be liable for “serious disciplinary action”.’Game plan’Mr Fleming said he was concerned that the documents might fall into the wrong hands.”I was outraged, because this is priceless,” he told the New York Post.”This could have ended up on eBay or gotten to al-Qaeda.”[source]

What’s in the air?

i-fc0baa42c324cefa8495fdb0044234b2-dice.jpgGood question … what IS in the air?The simple answer is that the air … the Earth’s atmosphere … is about 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, with a tiny amount of some other gases including water vapor. Then, there’s dirt. I want to talk a little about the oxygen, one of the other gases (carbon dioxide to be exact), the water vapor, and the dirt. Continue reading What’s in the air?

Happy Birthday Clarence Darrow

Darrow was born this day in 1857. He was a lawyer and a prominent member of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).i-b225b20c60c73f1a62a25136267ee39a-darrow.jpgWe know him as the defender of John Scopes in the Monkey Trial of 1925. Darrow and Scopes lost that trial, which was the first of many court cases regarding the teaching of creationism vs. evolution in public schools. Virtually all of the subsequent cases were victories for the evolutionists. Indeed, the Monkey Trial was a victory for evolutionists as well, because it is widely recognized that although the judge ruled in favor of the plaintiff, Darrow’s arguments were so powerful that the nation was left feeling that he had won the argument. Continue reading Happy Birthday Clarence Darrow