Daily Archives: April 17, 2008

Climatology of Global Ocean Winds Atlas

Check out the new Climatology of Global Ocean Winds Atlas:i-cec8727d45c3ea233ad5331706ac8e89-cogow.jpgYou can drill down to various segments of the planet (well, the oceans) and loot at wind patterns in great detail, with nice rose plots and everything. (Click on the picture to go to the site.)

Winds are the largest source of momentum for the upper ocean, affecting the full range of ocean movement, from individual surface gravity waves to complete current systems. Ocean winds modulate air-sea exchanges of heat, moisture, gases, and particulates. This modulation regulates the interaction between the atmosphere and the ocean, which establishes and maintains both regional and global climates.

(From the users manual)So this is important stuff. And fun. Enjoy.

New Darwin Papers On Line!

A huge archive of Darwin’s unpublished material has been put on line this week at The Complete Works of Charles Darwin. Many of his notebooks were already on line, but much of that was previously published (so the notes that were on line were actually published. The newly netted material has no previously been available to anyone who did not go to the original archives.This is the raw stuff, scans of the actual papers.i-a521a5a7ae8dd3ef0220250825e8efe5-darwinwrites.jpgThe main link to access this material is HERE. This is the same site that I have used in my earlier posts on Darwin’s writings.