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Has Anyone Seen Governor Pawlenty Lately?

A man got into the Minnesota Homeland Security and Emergency Management office in downtown St. Paul last week and defecated in several rooms, police said Monday.The incident happened about 1:30 p.m. Friday in a basement office area of 444 Cedar St., according to a police report. The man went in through an emergency exit door that hadn’t been secured properly, said Tom Walsh, St. Paul police spokesman.A contractor working for building management walked out and didn’t properly secure the door behind him, said Susan Lasley, Minnesota Department of Public Safety spokeswoman.


Which came first, the mammalian breast or the placenta?

ResearchBlogging.orgIndeed, the evolutionary history of the mammalian way of providing nutrients for young is difficult to ascertain on the basis of the usual techniques: Fossils and comparative anatomy. The soft parts involved don’t fossilize well, and there are not enough “intermediates” living today to develop a plausible story of the evolutionary transitions linking egg-laying to live birth and lactation.A new study recently published in PLoS Biology brings us a long way towards understanding this set of evolutionary events. Continue reading Which came first, the mammalian breast or the placenta?

Nevada Residents and Concerned Citizens: Save the Wesley E. Niles Herbarium!

Herbaria are important things. They are museums that curate plant samples, and often they do more than that.The Wesley E. Niles Herbarium, connected with the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, is an important collection of plants focusing on the American Southwest. It also serves University teaching and research functions.A recent example of the importance of herbaria was demonstrated with the use of herbarium samples to study the origin of the potato. Teaching and research institutions, including and perhaps especially state institutions need to understand their role as curators and stewards of timeless resources such as museums. Unfortunately, it has come to our attention that the UNLV administration is taking steps to gut the Niles Herbarium. They are not specifically closing it, but they seem to be de-staffing it. Please read the following letter and send of a note via snail- or e-mail to Dr. Riddle expressing your concern. Continue reading Nevada Residents and Concerned Citizens: Save the Wesley E. Niles Herbarium!

Give one hour to the Earth

During Earth Hour, you switch off the lights and other non-essential electronic devices. At 8:00 PM March 29th. You’ll save electricity, but more importantly, you’ll be making a point.

Created to take a stand against the greatest threat our planet has ever faced, Earth Hour uses the simple action of turning off the lights for one hour to deliver a powerful message about the need for action on global warming.This simple act has captured the hearts and minds of people all over the world. As a result, at 8pm March 29, 2008 millions of people in some of the world’s major capital cities, including Copenhagen, Toronto, Chicago, Melbourne, Brisbane and Tel Aviv will unite and switch off for Earth Hour

Here’s the web site.