Daily Archives: March 10, 2008

Dancing Boys

I’ve been pressured to supply a photograph of Dancing Boys to gender balance the Dancing Girls provided earlier. I can do this. But you have to understand, that Dancing Boys and Dancing Girls are not the same thing. Dancing Boys in Drag are like Dancing Girls, but otherwise, Dancing Boys are usually a bunch of frat symps at a kegger. At least that’s what you get when you put “Dancing Boys” into the Google Box.So if you want Boys in Drag, you may be out of luck this time around. But I did find a viable alternative to frat symps at the kegger. Feast your eyes: Continue reading Dancing Boys

Ben Stein, Expelled

You may have noticed that I’ve been entirely silent about the movie Expelled. This is because of something that I do: Utterly ignore certain aspects of reality because my level of interest does not exceed my level of annoyance. I also ignore entire chunks of reality because I find them too interesting yet don’t have the available time or energy to invest at the moment. Like the Maya. I’ve totally ignored the Maya for this reasn.But, here’s the thing: If you go to my old blog, which is a dormant archive, I’ve got a few Google ads set up, and they tend to display ads for Ben Stein, Expelled. Why? I don’t really know, but Google has always put lots of creationist ads on my old site. Moving to Scienceblogs.com was actually very nice in this respect. There is some control over, or thought put into, ad selection on this site (I assume).Anyway, I decided to help Ben and the movie Expelled out a little, so I wrote a post that includes links to many (indirectly, hundreds of) blog posts providing helpful commentary on this production. Since at the moment I don’t actively blog on that site, this post will be the top post for an indefinite period of time. My list of posts includes two search engine listings, one showing all the Scienceblogs.com posts on the movie, and the other showing all the other posts ever in the whole world, via the MnCSE science-only search engine. (That should eliminate all the creationist sites.)So go on over to and have a look if you want to know more about Expelled.