Daily Archives: March 4, 2008

Gay Marriage: It is economic

I would think a conservative would insist that gay couples be married. One of the most important thing that marriage does is to protect parties in areas of financial responsibility. Gay people are getting away with shunning their fiscal responsibility. These Republicans never made any sense to me.Now, there is evidence that there is yet another economic implication of gay marriage, where it is legal. Continue reading Gay Marriage: It is economic

Teachers Under Fire

i-6d830b7f85d83707170f6da2bd1804a3-teachers_under_fire.jpgIt is very common, across the U.S., for science teachers to dread the “evolution” unit that they teach during life science class. As they approach the day, and start to prepare the students for what is coming, they begin to hear the sarcastic remarks from the creationist students. When the day to engage the evolution unit arrives, students may show up in the classroom with handouts from anti-science sites like Answers in Genesis, to give to their friends. They may carry a bible to the lab station and read it instead of doing the work. If there is a parent conference night around that time, the teacher may be verbally abused by some of the parents for not including “alternative theories” in the classroom. Continue reading Teachers Under Fire