Daily Archives: February 24, 2008


That’s the sound of a statistician or scientist laughing because s/he has some really cool software and didn’t pay a dime for it, because it is open source.Since we are talking about R, I thought I’d point you to a couple of screen shots. Here it is running on a Mac, and here it is running on a Linux box.These images are about 200 K or so in size, and they come to us courtesy of The R Project for Statistical Computing

R 2.6.2 is released

This is not a big deal … it is mainly a bug-busting maintenance release with a few new features (listed below). I mention it, however, to remind you that R exists.R is in my view the most versatile and powerful statistical system available. Many people say it has a steep learning curve, but I think this is because it does not have a commonly used graphical user interface. In fact, if you are doing serious statistics, R is not harder to learn than any other professional system. Continue reading R 2.6.2 is released

Texas State Board of Education May Shift to Pro Creationism

We are busy watching Florida, and the ICR’s new “degree” in “life science education” in Texas, and whatever crap is happening in our own back yards, and we may be missing a dramatic development at the K-12 level in Texas: Social conservatives are poised to take over the Texas State Board of Education. Continue reading Texas State Board of Education May Shift to Pro Creationism