Daily Archives: February 21, 2008

Google Wants Photoshop To Run on Linux

And they are paying for it.

Google is funding work to ensure the Windows version of Adobe Systems’ Photoshop and other Creative Suite software can run on Linux computers.For the project, Google is funding programmers at CodeWeavers, a company whose open-source Wine software lets Windows software run on Linux. Wine is a compatibility layer that intercepts a program’s Windows commands and converts them to instructions for the Linux kernel and its graphics subsystem.

Story here.

The Wedge Strategy

“The Wedge Strategy” refers to a document (the Wedge Document) developed by the Discovery Institute in 1998 and leaked by Tim Rhodes in 1999. It outlines a strategy to insinuate a specific subset of Christian Fundamentalism into the public education system. Although Wedge Proponents have denied this, the Wedge Strategy is still very much in use (more or less), so it is important for people interested in protecting our system of education from religious freaks to know about it. You can download a copy of it here (large PDF, 0.5 megabytes).