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Things to do on Sunday

Two fun things to do on Sunday:

1) Listen to Atheist Talk at 9: AM on KTNF, with Minnesota Atheists.

Then, when you are done with that, stop over at Har Mar Mall in Roseville Minnesota for the Twin Cities Creation Science Association Home school Science Fair. Details here.

I’m not sure if I can make it, so if you go and get a photograph or two (and don’t have your own blog), send them on to me and I’ll put them up. I’m sure people would love to see them.

Here’s the photos from last year. Sort of.

The Boneyard Lucky 13

< -- If you can tell me what this thing is, I'd be much obliged.

The Boneyard. This is approximately the 13th installment of The Boneyard Web Carnival, dated February 9th, plus or minus a week or so. In paleontology, we do not concern ourselves with trifles such as exact dates.

The Boneyard web carnival is about fossils, and bones, paleontology and taphonomy. It is about anything boney except actual boneyards, although actual boneyards would be of interest as well because we are a morbid, bone loving bunch.

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Limbaugh Uses a Mac

Does that change your opinion about Macs, or about Limbaugh? (Or neither)This is what Limbaugh was recently quoted as saying:

Mr. Jobs, please help me. I know we don’t agree on anything. You love Al Gore — and by the way, I’ve got no problem with him now, but can you put me to somebody that can get this going, because I know it’s gotta work for most people. What am I doing wrong? [My producer] said, “You don’t understand it. Jobs has you tagged. He’s making sure your computers don’t work. If you put out this appeal to Steve Jobs and ask him to help, his reply is going to be, ‘Mr. Limbaugh. Do us a favor and endorse Windows.’

[source]OK, nobody tell Rush about Linux, OK?

Florida Yokels Force Religion on Public School Children

Yet another group of slack jawed yokels in some backwater school district want to force their religious beliefs on children in their local school district. This time it’s Nassau County.

“The theory of evolution falls short here since it cannot be observed, hasn’t been repeated and cannot be tested,” Marjorie Ramseur told School Board members. “I applaud you for taking a stand on this issue. If you’re going to teach evolution, please teach all of it.”


Not All Floridians Are Inbred Slack Jawed Yokels

Certain Bloggers have been giving Floridians a hard time because of the opposition to teaching science in public science classrooms. Shame on those bloggers. (See here and here for examples). There are some local school districts in Florida that insist that excellent science, and not creationism or religion of any kind, be taught in public schools. Continue reading Not All Floridians Are Inbred Slack Jawed Yokels

The Best and the Hottest

i-7547dcb56d79d76441a7bb6ce6596d97-daves.jpgI believe that the hottest hot sauce you can get without a permit is Dave’s Instant Insanity Sauce. It is also one of the best tasting.That is an unsolicited product endorsement. If you think differently, fine, but you have not tried it so don’t be so sure!!!Why do I mention this?Because every now and then I eat some (very carefully) and am reminded that everyone else must know about it. A few hints:Don’t handle this sauce directly. Do not let children near it. Shake well before opening. Shake a small amount into a container, and mix that with some component of what you are eating …. like some olive oil or sour cream or whatever, and mix it into that material with a spoon that you are not very fond of. Then take that bit of stuff and further mix it into the food you are preparing.In other words, do everything you can to make sure there is no concentrated material in anything you eat or serve to others.This is not something you can just dump on a taco. That would be irresponsible.When you are done, cap the bottle and rinse it off, and either throw the spoon out or place it carefully in the dishwasher, or bury it.If you add DIS to anything hot (like stuff you are cooking) beware that noxious (but nicely smelling) fumes will emanate.This stuff is very dangerous, but it is very good. It is not merely hot, but has an excellent flavor. Dave’s comes in various versions, and they are all good.Hmmm, I’m getting hungry. Time for lunch….