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Take the Intelligent Design Challenge!

Determining where a genome has been produced or altered by an intelligent designer is a matter of some importance. Consider the claims that the HIV virus was engineered as a biowarfare weapon, or the concern that virulence genes from other organisms could be inserted into viruses and bacteria to “weaponise” them. For example the engineered mouse pox virus that turned lethal (Nature. 2001 May 17;411(6835):232-5 see also Nat Genet. 2001 Nov;29(3):253-6) and limits on the sequencing of the 1918 strain of the flu to stop flu from being weaponised (Fed Regist. 2005 Oct 20;70(202):61047-9,). A method that could reliably detect the action of human intelligent design in the genomes of microorganisms would be of significant advantage.Thus we issue the “Intelligent Design Challenge”.

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Online Reputation Management

You may remember some time ago a brouhaha erupted when an upper Midwestern Blogger was told he had to erase a post that said something bad (yet truthful) about Cheri Yecke, who was at that time competing for the job of head of Florida Education. The company was a “scrubber” which promised to find bad things on the internet about a client, and get rid of them (the bad things, not the client) for a fee. Continue reading Online Reputation Management

Bono: TED Prize wish: Join my call to action on Africa

Musician and activist Bono accepts the 2005 TED Prize with a riveting talk, arguing that aid to Africa isn’t just another celebrity cause; it’s a global emergency. He argues passionately that mere charity won’t solve the serious problems facing the world’s second-largest continent. The solution, he says, is equal human rights. And it isn’t just our moral obligation; it’s an economic and strategic necessity. He ends by unveiling his TED Prize wishes, calling for TED’s help to build a new social movement for Africa.

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Darwin and the Voyage: 03 ~ The Rain Forest

i-483a35d54b9f564228dc98196d965c2f-rain_forest.jpgThe first time I read the following passage from The Voyage, I was reminded of my own first experience in a rain forest (in Zaire). Evident in this passage is at least a glimmering of Darwin’s appreciation for the complexity of ecosystems. Darwin could be considered the first scientific ecologist. Enough of my commentary … this passage very much stands on it’s own … Continue reading Darwin and the Voyage: 03 ~ The Rain Forest