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Today’s Linux Calendar Output

Jan 17
Benjamin Franklin born in Boston, 1706
Jan 17
Justice Dept. begins IBM anti-trust suit, 1969 (drops it, January 8, 1982)
Jan 17
Fellowship reaches Lorien
Jan 17
Led Zeppelin’s first album is released, 1969
Jan 17
Aujourd’hui, c’est la St(e) Roseline.
Jan 18
Grey whale migration, California
Jan 18
Revolution Day in Tunisia

Euvin Naidoo: Africa as an investment

In the talk that opened TEDGlobal 2007 (“Africa: The Next Chapter”), South African investment banker Euvin Naidoo sets the scene, framing the conversation that would unfold over the four-day event. “What’s the worst thing you’ve heard about Africa?” he asks. After fielding call-outs of “famine,” “war,” “corruption,” he urges the audience to move past these preconceptions — and offers a compelling picture of a continent on the cusp of enormous change.

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The Evolution of the Modern Climate: New Evidence from Plant Remains

Blogging on Peer-Reviewed ResearchThings are just not like what they used to be. You know this. You know that the Age of Dinosaurs, for instance, was full of dinosaurs and stuff, and before transitional fossil forms crawled out of the sea to colonize the land, all animals were aquatic, etc. But did you know that from a purely modern perspective, the Miocene was the most important geological period? Continue reading The Evolution of the Modern Climate: New Evidence from Plant Remains

Asking The Candidates Questions

Science Debate 2008 people may be intereted in this effort by SlashDot:

This is your usual Slashdot reader-generated interview, except we’re only going to pick five questions, not 10, and we’re going to send the same five questions to all the major-party presidential candidates and publish each one’s answers (in our Politics section) as soon as we get them. Please try to come up with questions the candidates have not been asked in the many interviews and debates to which they’ve already been subjected, all of which have been notably light on Slashdot-popular topics such as software patents, Internet regulations, and computer file formats. Note, too, that we have no idea how many candidates (if any) will actually answer, and that whether their campaign staffs do or do not think you are worth a few moments of their time is telling in and of itself.Special request: if you have better “inside” contact info for any candidate than what’s shown on their public Web sites, please email it to roblimo@slashdot.org. We’re also interested in original articles and essays from people who have inside knowledge of the election and polling process, so if you or anyone you know would like to write one for Slashdot, please email the same address.

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