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Science Fair Season Starts

It is science fair season! Elmer’s Inc is cranking out the three-part display boards, Office Max is stocking up on its colored paper and glue sticks, and thousands upon thousands of kids are working out the fine details of the hypothesis they want to test using an experiment that can be demonstrated in the Science Fair.

Pretty boring, actually.

Unless you focus on the Christian Creationist Science Fairs. They are Always so much fun. And remember, Greg Laden’s Blog here at scienceblogs.com is your Christian Creation Science Creationist Science Fair Center! Keep checking back!

For now, I have a few examples of previous winners at the Trinity High School science fair, one of the classic fairs, the one everybody watches.
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Bill Foster’s Letter

By now you all know about Bill Foster, an outgoing council member in St. Petersburg, Florida, who has very strong creationist leanings. Foster had written a widely cited letter linking Hitler and the Columbine shooters to Darwinism. I thought it would be fair to have the ENTIRE letter written by foster available, rather than allowing this quote mining to go unanswered! Continue reading Bill Foster’s Letter

They Found the Ultimate Switch

Cells do things (or stop doing things) because of internal homeostatic (or other) regulatory mechanisms, or because of communication with the “outside” via receptor sites located on the cell membrane. To get cells to do what we want (produce more or less of a hormone, for instance, or simply to die as in the case of cancer cells) it would be nice to have a machine that you point at a patient, program a few dials and buttons, and then affect the receptor sites in that person’s cells.Well, the production model isn’t quite ready yet, but such a device now exists on both the drawing board and in preliminary experimental work. Continue reading They Found the Ultimate Switch

Happy Birthday Alfred Russel Wallace

i-fc88700fc2c140b083836019317d5295-wallace.jpgWe are reminded, via Mousie Cat at Evolving in Kansas, that Yesterday (I’m so embarrassed I missed this) was Alfred Russel Wallace’s birthday!Wallace was born in 1823.

We should now clearly recognise the fact, that the wealth and knowledge and culture of the few do not constitute civilization, and do not of themselves advance us towards the “perfect social state.” Our vast manufacturing system, our gigantic commerce, our crowded towns and cities, support and continually renew a mass of human misery and crime absolutely greater than has ever existed before. They create and maintain in life-long labour an ever-increasing army, whose lot is the more hard to bear, by contrast with the pleasures, the comforts, and the luxury which they see everywhere around them, but which they can never hope to enjoy; and who, in this respect, are worse off than the savage in the midst of his tribe.- A.R. Wallace in The Malay Archipelago, 1869.

The conclusion from these three independent proofs, which enforce each other in the multiple ratio of their respective weights, is therefore irresistible–that animal life, especially in its higher forms, cannot exist on the planet.Mars, therefore, is not only uninhabited by intelligent beings such as Mr. Lowell postulates, but is absolutely UNINHABITABLE.- A.R. Wallace in Is Mars Habitable? 1908