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Huckabee is proving to be an incredible moron.

Possibly even exceeding Ron Paul in his moronosity. Most recently, he has shown himself clueless in matters of foreign policy.

People who questioned my view of foreign policy probably need go back and read the speech that I delivered back in Washington in September. …[where I talk about] those eastern borders near Afghanistan to be able go after the terrorists….

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Capturing the Elusive Streaming Video

How to convert a YouTube or Google streaming video into a file that you can put in your pocket and carry around with you.

The Problem: Streaming Video is not enough.

Do you need to save a Youtube or Google video into a file? I’m not sure about the legality or practicality of doing this, so anything you read here could break your computer or get you arrested, that’s up to you.

I know I do this some times for a very good reason. My wife is a school teacher, and schools are run by reality-blind bureaucrats who come up with things like “zero tolerance” policies … so of course, most schools seem to have blocking of almost all useful Internet content, especially and including Google Videos and Youtube. So, if Amanda wants to show some useful video to her students, she can’t. The bureaucrats are happy, the students are uneducated. Whatever.

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The Whoops of Wii

Cool! A Wii! A Wii is a great way to deal with the problem of TV being a bad influence. Instead of sitting around watching TV, you INTERACT with your TV in a physically demanding way! It is actually GOOD for you! Watch!Ooops. The down side is that you can only do this once. Once Per TV.

Male Chimps Hang In Familiar Home Range

Home court advantage matters when it comes to food and reproduction. So, where does a big male ape sit? Wherever he wants to……. and if you are an adult male chimp, this means in the same part of the forest that you used to hang out with mom, when you were still more or less attached to her metaphorical apron strings. Continue reading Male Chimps Hang In Familiar Home Range