Linux Rules

From Slashot:“Computers and handheld devices running default GNU Linux or Unix OSes have swept Amazon’s ‘best of’ list for 2007, according for 28 December 2007. Best selling computer? The Nokia Internet Tablet PC, running Linux. Best reviewed computer? The Apple MacBook Pro notebook PC. Most wished for computer? Asus Eee 4G-Galaxy 7-inch PC mobile Internet device, which comes with Xandros Linux pre-installed. And last, but not least, the most frequently gifted computer: The Apple MacBook notebook PC.”wOOt!!!

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5 Responses to Linux Rules

  1. EEE says:

    I think, it is the best digital device of the year 2007. I hope, I can buy it soon.

  2. Ahem. Because the Mac Pro notebook is popular, Linux is popular? Only if your Mac comes with Linux installed. (Hey, that’s not a bad idea… I might partition the hard disk and install Ubuntu just for the hell of it.)

  3. Greg Laden says:

    John. You should upgrade your Mac to system X! It’s really cool. It runs on a *nix system that I’m sure neither you nor I could ever distinguish from Linux in any meaningful way.You should do something about that cough, by the way… :)

  4. Now, if Adobe would add a Linux version of the Flash Player, everyone would be happy in my household. Maybe these sales data will get them to get a move-on.The only fix that I have been able to find is to download the windows version of Firefox, along with all of the plug-ins and run Firefox through WiNe. Too much work for a couple of online games.

  5. Greg Laden says:

    Mike: If you are using an X86 computer, just go here: follow the instructions to have flash.I had automtix install all this for me, I think (don’t remember). Anyway, flash is working fine for me, no crossover.

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