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OpenAccess, OpenSource News

Reminder: NY to pick between ODF and OOXML:

“In August of 2007, the State of New York passed legislation requiring its CIO, Melodie Mayberry-Stewart, to gather information on the advantages and disadvantages of adopting either ODF or OOXML as a document standard, and to report her findings by 15 January 2008. As part of her duties under that legislation, the CIO issued a Request For Public Comment to get feedback on the topic. The deadline for that public comment is 28 December 2007

New Creative Commons License

CC+ is a protocol providing a simple way for users to get rights beyond the rights granted by a CC license. For example, a work’s Creative Commons license might offer noncommercial rights. With CC+, the license can also provide a link by which a user might secure rights beyond noncommercial rights — most obviously commercial rights, but also additional permissions or services such as warranty, permission to use without attribution, or even access to performance or physical media.The CC+ architecture gives businesses a simple way to move between the sharing and commercial economies. CC+ provides a lightweight standard around these best practices and is available for implementation immediately.

WOC Update: Candidates Cave to Christmas Criticism

THE front-running candidates in the 2008 US presidential election have released Christmas ads to voters, following the lead of one Republican hopeful who copped heavy criticism for his TV spot.Mike Huckabee, a former Baptist preacher and state governor running for the Republican nomination, was the first candidate to release a holiday message to voters in state holding early primaries.His offering drew criticism for having a bookcase in the background that formed a Christian Cross as the camera panned across. Mr Huckabee laughed off the criticism.Now other candidates have followed suit. Republican contender Rudy Giuliani has released an ad that has him joking with Santa, while Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have also produced Christmas-themed ads.[source]

WOC Case Study: Enlightened Atheist vs. Wacko Nutbag

Little battles are forming everywhere on the internet. Some wacko nutbag who just noticed the War on Christmas for the first time gets all spitty and spatty on the blog. This is picked up by our intelligence services and passed on to a ration, thoughtful atheist blogger, who humiliates the self righteous moron. It is a little like the early days of the Evo-Creo debate.Here’s an example. Continue reading WOC Case Study: Enlightened Atheist vs. Wacko Nutbag