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Anthro Notes

The new Anthronotes is available, hereThis is a Smithsonian publication. This issue has, among other things, a very nice article on the Flores Hobbits and a piece on teaching Human Evolution. Teachers should take special note of this, the material in this publication is usually perfect for 10th through 12th grade Life Sciences.[Hat Tip: Ed Hessler].

Science News Tidbits

Global warming may soon see Santa don shorts from PhysOrg.com
If the most dire climate forecasts come true the tourism industry in Europe’s far north, already feeling the effects of global warming, may find itself promoting a Santa in shorts and a camel-drawn sleigh.[]

Disgraced cloning scientist seeks comeback: officials from PhysOrg.com
Disgraced South Korean cloning scientist Hwang Woo-Suk is part of a team seeking government approval to resume research into stem cells, officials said Monday.[]

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Two New Species of Mammal Discovered

The Foja Mountains have been the subject of investigation for a couple of years now, and new species are being found there on a regular basis. The lastest, from last June, is the discovery of a possum and a rat.The Foja Mountains are in Paupa, Indonesia, and form part of the norther ridge of the central mountain range on this large island. There are no records of visitors to this remote area prior to the late 1970s. In december, 2005, a joint international team of scientists bean documenting plants and animals in the area, and subsequently there have been reports of at lease one new bird species, twenty frogs, four butterflies, and a range of plants.

“During the June expedition, the team documented two mammals, a Cercartetus pygmy possum, one of the world’s smallest marsupials, and a Mallomys giant rat, both currently under study and apparently new to science,” CI said.The giant rat is about five times the size of a typical city rat and visited the scientists’ camp several times, lacking any fear of humans.

It’s nice when your data just shows up…sources: This news report and this wikipedia piece.

Discovery Institute Discovers Irony

But fails to recognize it. Again.Just moments ago, the Discovery Institute posted a commentary on a paper that came out some time ago on dog evolution. I wrote about that paper because it made me laugh out loud (LOL). Indeed, I wanted to share this again, so I reposted my earlier post just moments ago.The new DI post is by Casey Luskin. I’ve misplaced the URL, sorry. Anyway, it turns out that the Discovery Institute is pretty sure that Artificial Selection is Intelligent Design, with the breeders being the Intelligent Agent. Of course, they are correct. Intelligent Design is real. If you make it up.(LOL)