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Anyone Misplace a Bag? A Green Bag?

This is interesting:

30.11.2007 / 16:23 WWII army bag is found in desertLONDON. November 30. KAZINFORM. A bag belonging to a World War II soldier from Lancashire has been discovered in the Egyptian desert after lying there for more than 60 years.Alec Ross, from Burnley, lost the bag containing personal letters and photos, while serving with the 8th Army.Egyptian tour guide Kahled Makram found the bag in the Sahara desert and traced Mr Ross’s family through a BBC website on World War II.The bag is being sent to Burnley to Mrs Ross’s sister, Irene Porter.source

This happened to me, too. Continue reading Anyone Misplace a Bag? A Green Bag?

Science News Tidbits

Napping a more effective countermeasure to sleepiness in younger people from PhysOrg.com
Coffee is an effective countermeasure to sleepiness for both young and middle-aged people. However, napping is more efficient in young than in middle-aged people, according to a study published in the December 1 issue of the journal SLEEP.[]

Britain may reintroduce wolf and lynx from PhysOrg.com
A British wildlife group says wolf, lynx, beaver and wild boar could be brought back to live in the wild without posing a threat to people or the environment.[]

No room for complacency on World AIDS Day from PhysOrg.com
Activists used World AIDS Day on Saturday to warn against complacency in fighting the disease and to call on governments fill a multi-billion-dollar funding gap.[]

Power Struggle to Control Ancient Bones from PhysOrg.com
(AP) — Scientists hoping to study the ancient skeleton known as Kennewick Man are protesting efforts that they say could block them from examining one of the oldest and most complete set of bones ever found in North America.[]

Anthony Flew, Intelligent Design Supporter, Soft on Eugenics

John Lynch is reporting:

ID supporters seem to like Antony Flew, the one-time atheist philosopher who has apparently seen the light and become a deist. They have awarded him the Phillip Johnson Award for Liberty and Truth, they have lauded his latest book, and Bill Dembski exclaims “God bless Antony Flew!” But at the risk of raining on the parade, there’s something that Bill needs to realize – the fearless Flew seems to have a very ambivalent attitude (to put it mildly) to eugenics.Prometheus Books recently published its New Encyclopedia of Unbelief, a work to which I provided an entry on Haeckel and co-wrote (with Matt Young) the entry on unbelief among scientists. While browsing my copy, I stumbled across the entry on eugenics (pp. 294 – 296, pdf), written by none other that Antony Flew….

Indeed, this gets very interesting. Go to Flew’s Eugenic Leanings

An Interesting Day in History

According to my Linux Calendar, this is the anniversary of Rosa Parks refusing to move to the back of the bus AND of Martin Luther King’s boycott two years later, AND the independence of both Portugal and the Central African Republic And it is even Anniversary Day in Chatham Islands (when everyone celebrates their anniversary, I suppose).Here is the full output from my Linux Calendar: Continue reading An Interesting Day in History