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Elephants Are Not Ethnic-Blind

Blogging on Peer-Reviewed Research

I have had this experience. I’ve traveled literally hundreds of kilometers by foot together with Efe (Pygmy) hunters in the Ituri Forest. We see very few animals. The few we do see are attacked, killed, and eaten. Well, a lot of them actually get away, but that is the idea.

But I’ve also traveled many kilometers (not as many) alone. I would see many animals, and yes, they would run (or climb or whatever) away, but not as desperately. They knew I was not really one of the hunters, although I tried my best to look tough and hungry.

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Trick Out your Box

Bored with your computer? No need to be. As you probably know, there is a whole culture, perhaps even cult, surrounding tricking out your computer. There is even a journal devoted to the topic (the name of which escapes me at the moment). My favorite example (from that journal) is the “PC in a Fridge” concept, where you build your PC inside a refrigerator or freezer. This lets you “clock up” your processor speed considerably, and keep beer handy at the same time.Or, you could do a number of other things, such as…. Continue reading Trick Out your Box

Fixing Your Dictionary

Your are typing some text into your FIrefox 2.0 Browser, and you spell something terribly wrong. Like this:

I am so glad I upgreaded to Firefox 2.0, because it has a built in spell checker.

You see the error where you meant to type “upgraded.” So you right click on it to pick the correct spelling, and accidentally hit the “Add to Dictionary” menu choice, which is annoyingly placed right next to the correctly spelled word.From now on, you can never be sure if your text will be correct. Bummer.There is a way to fix this. Continue reading Fixing Your Dictionary