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Global Warming, the Blog Epic ~ 02 ~ Greenhouse Effect, Greenhouse Gas

This is the second in a series of reposts from gregladen.com on global warming. i-e1372cd57ce206dff3631a4a9438e737-epic-GlobalWarming.jpgWhy Greenhouses have nothing to do with the Greenhouse Effect, and more importantly, why CAN’T I microwave toast?A greenhouse is a glass house that is sealed to keep air in and insulated to keep heat in but at the same time allow sunlight in. This sunlight contributes to the heat in the greenhouse by warming the ground or other material in the greenhouse, and of course the light energy is used by the plants. But the point of a greenhouse is to keep air that is warmed, by the sun and/or heaters that may be required in the greenhouse, from wafting away.This is not how the so-called “greenhouse” effect works. There is no thing out there keeping warm air from wafting away from the planet. The air just stays there, greenhouse effect or not, moving around and doing the weather thing, and looking blue much of the time. Continue reading Global Warming, the Blog Epic ~ 02 ~ Greenhouse Effect, Greenhouse Gas

Intelligent Design

Here is a preliminary list of resources for people to find out more about Intelligent Design. Please feel free to put this on your own site. If you want, email me and I’ll send you the HTML code to make this one step easier. But you can also, if you are using Firefox, use “ctrl-u” to display the code and cut and paste it from there.Please feel free to add to this resource for people who want to learn more about Intelligent Design. Continue reading Intelligent Design

Discovery Institute: Teach the Controversy

The Discovery Institute continues its terrorist-like tactics in the wake of a very successful airing of an anti-creationism Public Broadcasting System documentary.The DI is providing helpful information for teachers and administrators who want to cost their school districts millions in legal fees and experience deep embarrassment. School administrators: Be afraid. Some of your teachers will read it and you will not be happy at the results. Continue reading Discovery Institute: Teach the Controversy