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There are a lot of exciting developments to talk about in this week’s newsletter. First, the second of these news letters (the one you are reading right now) has been produced, which is a sign that I may do these regularly. Second, and much more important, is that a whole bunch of interesting climate blogging has been going on. Third, it is time to go back to school! And I’ve got some blog posts for that too.

Wheat from Chaff

It has become a tradition to post numerous items for teachers, students, parents of students, and school administrators at this time when so many return to school. Here you’ll find the archive of back to school postings, starting with the most recent.

There has been a lot of Global Warming related blogging over the last few weeks. This link cloud will get you to the relevant links both here and elsewhere. Please add any links that I may have missed. Also, please spread these posts around. We need more exposure for the good guys.

Over at The X Blog we are winding down on Michele Bachmann as her campaign collapses and disintegrates, and winding up with discussions of 9/11, what with the 10th anniversary coming up and all.

In the meantime I would like to note that no one has identified the meaning of the name “The X Blog.” I’m rather shocked. One would think it would be easy to find. Perhaps no one cares about history any more…

Just you wait and see department

You all know Scicurious. Well, when I saw a new Twin Study that looked at female orgasms, I assumed she’d be writing it up. So, while I was working on my post on the paper, I contacted her and it turns out that we are going to jointly post our respective posts on the topic. Several have asked if I’m going to cover the paper is yes, but it will be Friday. Stay tuned.

Carnivals and such

The circus of the spineless is HERE.

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