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Brown Shirts at the VA

Do you know what a Brown Shirt is?

For the present purposes, with respect to the Trump-Putin administration in Washington, the Brown Shirts are political appointees deployed across the agencies to push out those less than fully loyal to heir Trump. The term can also be applied to muscle that goes to gatherings to either support Trump or disrupt his opponents.

Every veteran that I know is a Loyal American and a Democrat, and is fully opposed to Trump. And I know a lot of them. We are staunch allies. But apparently the actual majority of Vets support Trump. They are, as expected, getting screwed.

I’m going to guess that various libertarian forces want to destroy the Veterans Administration because they themselves don’t need it, and it costs a lot of money. So, the Trump administration is being used to do that. It may also be that Putin wants the VA destroyed because he knows that the Veterans, ultimately, even the Trump loyalists, will not put up with that. Destroying the VA will disrupt the normal functioning of the country, which is a goal of Putin.

So what is happening now? Dozens of senior civil servants at the VA who are not known to be loyal to Trump have been moved out of their offices and put on ice.

From the Washington Post

None said they were given reasons for their reassignments.

The moves are being carried out by a small cadre of political appointees led by Acting Secretary Peter O’Rourke who have consolidated power in the four months since they helped oust Secretary David Shulkin.

The reshuffling marks a new stage in a long estrangement between civil servants and Trump loyalists at VA, where staff upheaval and sinking morale threaten to derail service to one of the president’s key constituencies, according to current and former employees.

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