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Bridgegate Chickens Come Home To Roost: Waiting For Other Shoe To Drop

Chris Cristie is a thug.*

screen-shot-2016-11-05-at-7-11-51-pmSeveral of the people that Chris Cristie chose to run his administration are criminals. Going to prison criminals.

Chris Cristie is in charge of selecting the people who will run the Trump administration.

It all makes sense so far. The other shoe, the shoe we are waiting to drop, will be Cristie being indicted.

Meanwhile, questions remain as to what happened to the reporters who broke the story.


*I unapologetically use the word “thug” because it is always the word I’ve used to describe criminal gangster types. The recent note bene that “thug” is a racist term is a reach. Having said that, it is of course a racist term for a DIFFERENT reason that few people know, but until that becomes a thing, Chris Cristie is a thug..