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Attack of the Space Robots Imminent

From Wired:

Astronauts bound for orbit this week will [be], assembling a “monstrous” two-armed space station robot that will rise like Frankenstein from its transport bed.Putting together Dextre, the robot, will be one of the main jobs for the seven Endeavour astronauts, who are scheduled to blast off in the wee hours of Tuesday, less than three weeks after the last shuttle flight.

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Finally, an Open Source Robot

I suppose I could live with Robots if they were Open Source. (Or are they just trying to lull me into complacency?)

Imagine a robot that hands you a beer and then cleans your kitchen and living room. That’s what a start-up called Willow Garage in Menlo Park, Calif., is busy developing. But the company isn’t going it alone: Willow Garage is an open source project that wants as much outside participation as possible.

Now, you see, everything OpenSource is better. This is a robot that gives you beer. It is an Open Source Robot. Free Beer and Free Software are finally married into one glorious concept!!!!The story is here. Then, there’s this: Continue reading Finally, an Open Source Robot

Robot Vigilante Born of BBQ Prowls Atlanta Streets

i-495ed63d826c1a286801642f29d87eaa-bbqbot.jpgThe Barbeque Bot reminds me of an old Harlan Ellison story in at least one way: This is all about using advanced technology to “enforce” laws by private citizens. In the Harlan Ellison story I’m thinking of, individual drivers attack other drivers with advanced weapons built into their cards. (I understand Ellison wrote this story after spending a weekend in Boston.) But each time a driver in a particular battle activates a new weapon, a the car’s computer asks for verification of an increase in insurance premium for that vehicle.The following story is from CNN. Continue reading Robot Vigilante Born of BBQ Prowls Atlanta Streets

The Robot Takeover is Getting Closer

i-9156072bd52d52d27739207cb882f917-mind_control.jpgA mind control device … where your mind controls a video game, is soon to be developed, and is obviously the first step in the Robot plan to Take Over the World.

Some scary new technology will soon be coming to market: video game controllers that let you use your thoughts rather than your hands. The EPOC neuroheadsets are “designed to detect conscious thoughts and expressions as well as ‘non-conscious emotions’ by reading electrical signals around the brain”.

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Robots Send Expedition to Antarctica

A robotic observatory installed at a high-altitude site in Antarctica will search for planets orbiting other stars and test the site’s potential for more ambitious observatories that could follow. The site may offer the best astronomical sky conditions in the world….During the uninterrupted darkness of winter near the South Pole, CSTAR will be able to monitor a 20-square-degree patch of sky – about 100 times the area of the Full Moon – for four months straight. It will look for the dimming of a star’s light caused by a planet passing in front of it as seen from Earth.Astronomers involved in the PLATO project believe Dome A may be the best site in the world for astronomy, and PLATO is designed primarily to measure key characteristics like the amount of turbulence in the air, which can distort astronomical images, and the amount of water vapour, which blocks out light in the infrared and radio parts of the spectrum.[source]