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Did Michele Bachmann Reveal Top Secret Information During A Public Hearing?

Or is she just a blithering idiot who makes stuff up for her own political gain?

In a recent hearing of the Intelligence Committee, which she enigmatically sits on, like some kind of sick joke perpetuated by Squeaker of the House John Boner, this transpired between Bachmann and the CIA director:

[BACHMANN] … When the White House conducted their armed drone strikes in North Africa, particularly in eastern Libya prior to the attack on our mission in Benghazi on 9-1-1 last year, did the White House notify the State Department of the armed drone strikes before they were made?

[BRENNAN, LOOKING TOTALLY BAFFLED] Ah, armed droned strikes in Libya? Um, I’m unknowing of such and I would defer to the White House to address your question.

[BACHMANN] Were there any armed drone strikes in north Africa that were made by the White House?

[BRENNAN] The White House doesn’t have a drone capability/responsibility, whatever so…

[BACHMANN] I’m asking in north Africa, I’m asking, I’m asking director Brennan, were there any armed drone strikes that were made by the United States in north Africa prior to 9-1-1?

[BRENNAN] Well we usually don’t talk about any sort of specific actions, but ah, again, I don’t know what you could be referencing.

[BACHMANN] I’m just wondering if the State Department was aware, or if the military was aware, or if the CIA was aware. and if we aren’t going to talk about that we aren’t going to talk about that, but that’s a question I’d like to know.


[BACHMANN] But regarding the nuclear weapon program and our intelligence capability — again, we have a wonderful intelligence community, but we weren’t aware of the bombing in 1993 at the World Trade Center tower. We weren’t aware before 9-1-1 occurred in 2001, we weren’t aware of the Arab Spring developments, and we weren’t aware of the attack on the mission on Benghazi. How do we have confidence that we will know when Iran has amassed the capability of developing a nuclear weapon? I ask that because the President said last month that it would take approximately a year for [Iran] to develop a nuclear weapon once they had make that decision. Last week — we know that the current negotiations have gone without any breakthrough or any development. And so I’m very concerned about our intelligence capability of knowing with a high degree of certainty when Iran has either made the decision to develop nuclear weapons, or has obtained nuclear weapons.

[CIA OFFICIAL] I think this subject would be much, much better talked about in closed session.

[BACHMANN] I would look forward to that, and I would appreciated that. Could you comment on what is happening with, ah, we talk a lot about uranium development with Iran’s nuclear program, but Iran is also building a heavy water reactor capable of producing plutonium. What is the status of Iran’s heavy water reactor?

[BRENNAN AND THE OFFICIAL LOOK BAFFLED, THEN THE OFFICIAL SAYS] Well agian, this would be a subject for closed session I think.

[BACHMANN] I look forward to that.

A more detailed transcript, a video of the Michele the Moron (which I say in all due respect) carrying out what appears to be an act of High Treason, and some details about the comedy of it all, are HERE.

A small % of people believe in bigfoot and UFO’s. Michele Bachmann.

Michele Bachmann
[I] don’t know what causes people to either create beliefs about something that is not true, or to accept incredible beliefs of this sort. I do know that I’ve had such beliefs. When I was 12. At the time that I was 12 and a couple of years before that, I believed that theories like “Worlds in Collision” were interesting and possibly valid. I had mixed feelings about Ancient Astronauts. For at time I felt that Edgar Cayce explained everything. But then, I turned 13 and literally grew out of it. Well, there were other influences. And for some of those beliefs it took another year to completely go away. I’m pretty sure my old-world style Catholic upbringing prepared me to believe things that I now see as incredibly unlikely. If one grows up knowing that demonic possession, poltergeists, assumption, and coming back from the dead are well known phenomena, then an as yet undiscovered hominid living in the forest, or alternative theories of how the solar system evolved are not so hard to accept. But one grows out of these things. Continue reading A small % of people believe in bigfoot and UFO’s. Michele Bachmann.

Bachmann Widens Net, Redefines Batshit Crazy

Michele Bachmann. Is she bouncing out of the park as we speak?
[M]ichele Bachmann has now accused her fellow Minnesota Congressman, Keith Ellison, of being a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, adding the highly respected Democrat to her imagined conspiracy theory.

In this theory, the nefarious organization known as the Muslim Brotherhood is placing their own people in top positions in the United State Government. Congressman Ellison, who represents Minnesota’s Fifth District, is the only Muslim in Congress. So Bachmann, who is probably the most batshit crazy person to ever be elected to Congress, assumes he’s naturally part of this secret coup.

This is being reported:

In an interview with radio host Glenn Beck today, Bachmann said Ellison, the first Muslim elected to Congress, “has a long record of being associated with … the Muslim Brotherhood.”

Ellison, DFL-Minneapolis, refuted those allegations in an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, saying he has no ties to the movement. The Muslim Brotherhood is an international Islamist movement that recently came to power in Egypt, which some say maintains ties to terror groups such as Hamas.

Accusing Keith Ellison of being in the Muslim Brotherhood is nuts. Bachmann has very seriously stepped over a line here. Again. Further than usual. She’s had these uber-crazy episodes before. Continue reading Bachmann Widens Net, Redefines Batshit Crazy

Boehner Joins Bachmann Pile-on

Michele Bachmann
Michele Bachmann. I can see her Congressional district from my front porch.

This is very strange. Michele Bachmann has said batshitcrazy stuff before and there was never a push back by the GOP party stalwarts. But there is now, following her remarks about top Clinton aide Huma Abedin. Is there something about calling for the investigation of a particular individual who happens to be a Democrat working for the Obama administration that is worse, in the minds of Republicans, than calling for the investigation of every Democrat in Congress?

Or, is there something going on with Bachmann right now that is causing this unusual negative reaction to Bachmann’s claims. For example, is the Muslim Brotherhood in cahoots with the GOP? (Don’t laugh, it is quite possible.) Or is there talk by the Romney Campaign that Bachmann could be considered as a running mate pick (laugh all you want, but that is even more possible) and establishment Republicans want to make sure that doesn’t happen either to avoid a Palinesque disaster or because they have someone else in mind? Or has the time come, in the Republican Party (and the time always comes for this, eventually) for them to start eating their own? That, I think, is unlikely becuase one usually eats one’s own when one is on the ropes or totally in charge, and it is not clear that they are quite in either state at the moment.

Or, maybe it has to do with Money. Continue reading Boehner Joins Bachmann Pile-on

So, what did Michele Bachmann do this time?

Michele "Batshit Crazy" Bachmann, Member of Congress.
Huma Abedin is a well respected, experienced foreign affairs expert and aide to Secretary Hillary Clinton. A few days ago, Michele Bachmann and a handful of other Tea Party members of Congress claimed that Abedin has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and is, essentially, a plant presumably put in a high position in the American government in order to carry out nefarious acts at a later time.

That’s pretty normal for Bachmann.

What is not typical, however, is the negative reaction she’s received for her batshit crazy accusations. Sure, we expect Anderson Cooper to say what he said. Continue reading So, what did Michele Bachmann do this time?

Is Michele Bachmann painting a target on President Obama?

Bill Prendergast makes the case:

President Obama “thinks he’s above the law,” he’s “ignoring the laws of the land,” he “threw the constitution out the window” (again)–and he is conducting “an autocratic reign.”
All of that’s nuts, entirely untrue, and unsupported by the facts. So you know the speaker must be Michele Bachmann.

When she says stuff like this, she’s putting a sniper bull’s eye on the back of a President–the President who’s already received the most death threats ever. By 2009, Obama was getting 30 death threats a day.

At the Minnesota Progressive Project

“Dual Citizenship is Treason”

That’s the name of a blog post from Ron Paul’s “Daily Paul” site.

I am against dual citizenship of any kind. When you benefit from the blood spilled by patriots in the past, the least which can be requested of you is undivided allegiance. …

The idea of liberty dictates that any human being can choose to be a citizen of any country for which he or she qualifies. That’s his business. But any country could suddenly be at war with any other country. That is realpolitik. For the privilege of being a citizen of this great country, you must choose.

(Click here to find citation)

So, maybe that is the official Ron Paul position.

In Minnesota, Ron Paul Republicans have sort of taken over (what is left of) the Republican Party, in a way. Paul came in second after Santorum in the primaries, but strange delegate math and sneaky stuff by the Ron Paul campaign happened and now Ron Paul has more delegates. I can’t really explain that. The point is, if I was a Republican in Minnesota (which I am not, by the way) I’d look out for Ron Paul and his followers because they have clout here.

So, this would apply to Michele Bachmann:

Don’t you think perhaps that Michele Bachmann should be investigate as Unamerican?

Here’s a good place to learn more about Swiss Family Bachmann.