As I understand it, the Saint Paul Police are getting an increasingly bad reputation for bad behavior and brutality. A while ago I posted this in relation to the Saint Paul 8. The video below is of an incident that happened on Tuesday. The video is violent and disturbing, and is probably evidence enough to have at least one police officer lose his job.

The chief of police and the mayor should be held accountable. The Star Tribune has more.

The “police officer’s” name (and I use that term lightly) is Officer Jesse Zilge.

Zilge was involved in an incident in 2006, described here.

who “stalk” city employees. But, apparently, they will not arrest yahoos who gun down innocent kids with skittles.

Media Advisory

For Immediate Release, March 28, 2012
For Further Information Contact:

Sanford, Fla – March 28, 2012 — The City of Sanford kindly requests that members of the media refrain from approaching, phoning or emailing city employees when they are in their roles as private citizens. It has come to light that there have been a few incidents where city staff were followed and approached at their home or in settings outside of working hours.

Law enforcement officials will not hesitate to make an arrest for stalking….


Bill Lee, the chief of the Sanford, Florida police department, has stepped down temporariness. You will remember that Sanford is where George Zimmerman, of the Neighborhood Watch, murdered Trayvon Martin on February 26th.

Lee stepped down because, he says, he had become a “distraction” to the investigation.

There have been a number of rallies protesting the fact that Zimmerman has not been arrested or, appreciably, even brought in for questioning after killing the 17 year old who’s only crime was “Walking While Black” after going to the local store to buy an iced tea and a bag of Skittles.

Yesterday, the Sanford City Commissioners gave the police chief a “no confidence” vote.

In a statement reported by the Washington Post, Lee said:

“I must temporarily remove myself from the position as police chief for the city of Sanford. I do this in the hopes of restoring some semblance of calm to a city which has been in turmoil for several weeks. It is my hope that the investigation will move forward swiftly and appropriately through the justice system and that a final determination in this case is reached.”

Trayvon Martin was on the phone to his girlfriend just prior to the incident in which he was summarily executed by a Neighborhood Watch Volunteer, based on a report from ABC news. According to her, “He said this man was watching him, so he put his hoodie on.” He was then cornered by the man, at which time Trayvon said “What are you following me for? … then the man said ‘what you doing around here?’ … Then somebody pushed Trayvon ’cause the headset just fell.” Then the line went dead. Based on the timing of call logs, this happend just seconds before George Zimmerman fatally shot Trayvon in the chest.

Meanwhile, the reports that came early this morning that the Justice Department will investigate Trayvon’s murder have further developed: According to some reports (via radio to this blogger) a Grand Jury will convene on April 10th.

Blank spaces during these recordings are addresses or other data blanked out. Not work safe.

Zimmerman’s call to the police:

Reports of screaming, gunshots:

Report of seeing Zimmerman:

Report of wrestling:

Report of seeing Tayvon and Zimmerman:
[audio:|titles=Treyvon-Martin-George-Zimmerman-911-call-Female-Neighbor-Sees-Tayvon-and-Zimmerman (1)]

I heard a loud noise and the screaming stopped:

Two doors down, heard screaming, shot:

Long report (Part 1):

Long report (Part 2):

CBS consultant notes that the case reeks of racial bias: Continue reading

Several members of the NYPD formed a circle to keep the protesters away while another group of officers held a protester down and took turns beating and kicking him. Screams of they’re hurting him, an he’s bleeding can be clearly heard on the video.


People with iPhones: Please do not hold your camera sideways while taking videos! It makes people think you are an idiot!

Police Rip Apart Protester's Tents in Zuccotti Park in early morning raid to end Occupy protests before they get out of hand and become inconvenient, by order of Billionaire Mayor Bloomberg (1%).

As an apparent response by Billionaire Mayor Bloomberg (1%) to fears that protesters (99%) would ramp up their activities this Thursday on account of the two month anniversary of the protest, hundreds of riot gear clad police moved into Zuccotti Park in New York at 1 AM this morning to evict everyone. This is the main, original group of protesters. Shortly thereafter, an injunction allowing the protestors back into tyhe park with their tents was wrangled by the National Lawyers Guild.

At a morning news conference at City Hall, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said the city knew about the court order but had not seen it and would go to court to fight it. He said the city wants to protect people’s rights, but if a choice must be made, it will protect public safety.


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I’m sure it’s complicated and I don’t want to hand out any Bologna. Or anything. But my friend Ana dug this up:

JPMorgan Chase recently donated an unprecedented $4.6 million to the New York City Police Foundation. The gift was the largest in the history of the foundation and will enable the New York City Police Department to strengthen security in the Big Apple. The money will pay for 1,000 new patrol car laptops, as well as security monitoring software in the NYPD’s main data center.
New York City Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly sent CEO and Chairman Jamie Dimon a note expressing “profound gratitude” for the company’s donation.
“These officers put their lives on the line every day to keep us safe,” Dimon said. “We’re incredibly proud to help them build this program and let them know how much we value their hard work.”

Source: Wikileaks? No. Deep Throat? No. The Washington Post? No. …

… JP Morgan itself??? YES.


Don’t Mace Me Bro!

But seriously, we know the bib Wall Street bank was not directly involved in the pepper spraying of the women or other police atrocities. Why? Because as far as we know the victims were not charged any fees.

As I mentioned earlier, the cop who sprayed the women at the Wall Street Protest has been identified. He is Deputy Inspector Bologna. There are multiple videos, still photos and eye witness accounts to give total lie to the NYPD’s absurd statements claiming that the women who were sprayed were attacking police, or that the evidence has been altered.

It is now time to speak to Authority as it should be spoken to. Sternly and immediately. Please do these things:
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…I still haven’t washed off the splattered milk from my shoes. We had to use milk to wash the pepper spray out the woman’s eyes. I still hear her screaming in pain, I can’t believe they pepper sprayed a deaf woman. Her sobbing, saying how much it hurt as we held her head spraying milk into her eyes and on her face. The last time I saw her, we had to flee from the police who were arresting everyone on 12th street. She escaped into a movie theater…

That writeup is from someome who was there and who has good photos.

The blog post is here, you must read it.

It is interesting to see who shows up on various internet discussions defending the police in this manner. I hope those individuals read the post I’ve linked to where the witness notes the shame seen in the faces of the chagrined NYC officers who looked on with disbelief as their supervisor carried out this illegal and obnoxious act.

If you are in NY and you see a White Shirt with “Bologna” on his badge, ask him why he did it and report back, please.

A NYPD spokesman made this remark, according to the New York Times:

“Pepper spray was used once, after individuals confronted officers and tried to prevent them from deploying a mesh barrier — something that was edited out or otherwise not captured in the video.”

There are two videos, one shows the women for a long period of time not doing what he accuses them of, then getting sprayed, and eye witness accounts match the videos.

Here is an improved version of the video the NYPD claims to have been doctored:

It should not be hard to identify this cop, put him on administrative leave, and investigate. The shine of 9/11 victim-hood has served you well, coppers. But it is over now.

The New York Times printed this picture of a white-shirt cop at the demonstration:

It looks like the guy, but the NYT does not say it is. What do you think?

Funny that the NYT would put that photo in the story on the peppersprayer, without saying that it is him or saying that it isn’t him.

I’ve updated the post on this crime by the Police in NY, but I thought I’d draw attention to it (since it is hours old, and thus forgotten because that’s how the Internet works) by reposting the photo here.

It appears that the sprayer was wearing a uniform other than the usual blue dress that NYC beat cops wear. In NY, Lieutenants and higher ranked officers wear this white shirt.

They do have technique: Separate protesters by sex, surround females with special protester-fencing material, and while they stand there peacefully, somewhat in shock having watched the police beat the male protesters in the street with clubs, arbitrarily spray mace into the women’s faces when they least expect it.

Shame on you, Raymond Kelly. Do you have any kids that age? I wonder what would happen if they were beaten or maced by your officers. Well, the same thing should happen here. Some cops need to go to prison. The luster of 911 First Responder victim-hood has dulled.

For those who were wondering if one of the women did something to provoke this, or if the sparying was done by accident or something, here’s a slowed down version of the clip:

And here’s a blowup of the cop who did it: