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Hint to Americans on how to find the atheists you already know

Go to a large family gathering. (Or a similar gathering. Borrow someone else’s large family if you don’t have one.) When somebody decides you are all going to pray together with bowed heads, start to bow your head so everybody else sees you doing it, but after everyone’s heads are supposed to be bowed, unbow your head.

Have a look around.

You will find yourself looking at a few other people who are also looking around. Those are the other atheists.

Introduce yourself after the prayer, and then you can make arrangements for an orgy or a baby-roast or something.

Atheists as other: The most disdained group in America?

A three year old study has resurfaced on the blogosphere with this recent mention on the daily atheist. The study (cited below) is here, and the older commentary is here.

Since this is still utterly relevant, I thought I’d make it the subject of a post. I don’t think there is anything in it that is not absolutely current.

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The Controversy

Since the bloggingheads “diavlog” with David Dobbs and me was the first science-oriented installment to come out (more or less) since the repudiation of by Carl Zimmer and Sean Carrol, and now Phil Plait and PZ Myers, I think I should say something about why I did it and what I think about the whole thing.
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Judge: Take “god” out of recent Kentucky bill

According to the constitutions of the United States and the State of Kentucky, church and state must remain separate. But then the Kentucky Legislature passed a homeland security related bill that stated that the security of the Commonwealth (State) depends on Almighty God.

That wording was thrown out yesterday by a Kentucky Judge. This was the outcome of a lawsuit by ten residence of Kentucky and the American Atheists. The stte Attorney General has not decided if he will appeal.

Oh, do it, do it, do it!!! Appeal this one!!! Might as well get this cut and dry decision as high up as it can get!

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Hat Tip Joe.