The Flaw in the Wall: Make America Gullible Again!

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But seriously, let’s see what actual Trump Supporters who live near the border think:

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9 thoughts on “The Flaw in the Wall: Make America Gullible Again!

  1. That first video of the guy who had never heard of ladders has to be satire or irony, surely.

    Trump should have heard of ladders, ladders in stockings or tights (panty hose for those in the US).

  2. The supporters of the Wall seem oblivious to the fact that there are three long, long coasts and a long land border with Canada that in the past were successfully used as sited for importing illegal aliens and merchandise into the U. S.

    Furthermore, as I once told someone arguing in favor of the Wall: “When I was young, active, and less considerate of consequences, I considered fences, walls, etc. to be a challenge rather than a limitation.” A good number of the people wanting to get into the U. S. have even better reasons to have such an attitude.

    The costs of the wall are ridiculous enough, but the on-going costs of inspecting, repairing, maintaining and guarding the Wall, and searching for tunnels etc., are going to be even worse. Watch for the “Defense” budget to skyrocket and certain construction corporations to prosper like never before. (Any guesses on who is likely to own/run these corporations?)

    1. “Watch for the “Defense” budget to skyrocket ”

      In the short run watch for more money to be diverted from important projects and funneled to this needless boondoggle.

  3. Another consideration…are we going to patrol BOTH sides of this idiot wall??? No! Then dynamite will most likely be a problem! And with the way the USA traitors sell arms to other countries, C4 may also be a problem. And this is not considering any Mexicans, as a country sick to death of USA interference, what better way to drain HHUUUUge amounts of USA tax money then continuous holes blown in the wall!!! No armies needed and little threat of killing the attackers. And the problem is the orange pile of crap has not thought of this (or much thought period) and others may have thought this but I have not seen anything about it.

    1. That should be scary enough for almost anyone.

      Even barring such attacks, walls don’t have a very good “track” record. Castle and city walls became permanently useless as artillery was developed, Hadrian’s wall turned out to be irrelevant, the Great Wall of China, proved to be no real barrier to the Mongols, and the Berlin Wall required such draconian measures that it became more of a problem than a solution. You’d think someone in the Trump administration would know some history but, then, it would require the POTUS to have an adult brain and some concern for the country.

      The government may have re-institute the draft to get people to volunteer for duty guarding a wall through a lot of territory with mostly desert terrain far from any source of fun and entertainment.

  4. The government may have re-institute the draft to get people to volunteer for duty guarding a wall through a lot of territory with mostly desert terrain far from any source of fun and entertainment.

    There is highlighted one method the Mexicans can subvert the wall without using anything explosive. Just open R&R facilities (know what I mean) with bright neon signs advertising what is on offer and wait for the guards on the wall to go AWOL.

    1. Well, I was in the military when most of it was draftees and even then most of the people I knew about who went AWOL went home. Now having to go get people out of jail in Mexico, that I’ve heard of.

      Anyway, most of the territory along the Mexican/U.S. border is not heavily or in some parts even lightly populated.

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