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Huxley is drinking water from a sippycup. The sippycup is half full. But he’s been asking for milk.

“Huxley, do you want some milk now?”

“I want you to put the milk in the water,” he says, handing me the sippycup.

“Really? You want me to add the milk to the water?”

“I like milk water!”

I take the milk out of the fridge, and I open the sippycup. Showing him the inside of the sippycup with the water in it, I ask, “You want me to put that milk in this cup, with the water in there?”

“Yes. I like milkwater!”

So I pour some milk in the water. While I’m doing that, Huxley reminds me, “I like milk water!”

I secure the cap on the sippycup and hand it to Huxley, who says, “I like milkwater.”

Huxley takes the cup and wanders off, sucking on the straw.

A few moments of time pass.

“Daddy, you know what? You know what, Daddy?”

“What’s that, Huxley?

“You know what, Daddy? … I don’t like milk water!”

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2 thoughts on “Milkwater

  1. Yeah, Dave decided he wanted to have some of his brother’s buffalo chicken a couple of months ago – asserting: “Is my favorite papa!” I warned him repeatedly that I made it especially spicy for Caleb. He explained that he really LOVES the spicy. I explained that it wasn’t like the “spicy” cheezits, that it was actually really hot. He insisted on having some.

    His eyes watered, he whimpered, his nose became runny – he ate five pieces and insisted that he loved it. He never ate it again. I am almost certain that I have the most stubborn little five year old boy – EVER!!! He reminds me of my brother.

  2. Hypothesis stated.
    Experiment rigorously applied.
    Hypothesis disproved.
    Thesis rewritten.

    Sounds like he’s got the scientific method down already!

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