The Stone Age Didn't End Because We Ran Out Of Stones

I’ll vote for Brian and I think he’s make a great Congress person, but I will be speaking to him about dissing the stone age!

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And this too:

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5 thoughts on “The Stone Age Didn't End Because We Ran Out Of Stones

  1. Does anyone even know why the stone age ended? Who knows, maybe a local shortage of good flint for tools was the driving force behind experiments to use metal instead?

  2. Thomas, there are flints everywhere, people for fun make stone age tools today. We didn’t switch to steam ships because we ran out of wind.

  3. The reason the stone age ended was because people started experimenting with making ceramics and in the process of firing clay discovered how to smelt ores. They found that bronze made better tools than flint.Visit The Stone Age Tools website to learn more.

  4. I suspect that the end of the stone age was tied to the beginning of agriculture. When people were still nomadic hunter-gatherers, there wasn’t much chance to learn how to work metal, since you can’t exactly carry a forge & furnace around with you. Once people settled in a village to farm the area, they started working native copper and went from there.

  5. I believe the stone age end because there was a change or evolution of technology. This is the time where there are new inventions coming out that slowly change the stone age into a new era.

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