5 thoughts on “Sunday Not Funnies

  1. Check “facts” before posting them. A single worker earning $60k/year would pay a marginal rate of 25%. Figuring the $3700 exemption and the $5800 deduction, with the lower bracket rate of 15% applying on the first $34.5k of income, the overall rate would be approximately 17%.

    Still more than the Mittens, but a far cry from the 29.9% in the propaganda piece. The added decimal digit of precision makes the error all the more atrocious.

  2. “Not funnies” eh?

    Actually, that “Obama’s huge lead? You built that!” one was classic and I literally did laugh aloud at it.

  3. Greg, one to add to the not funnies… Not sure if since you blocked me from following you on twitter if you got my tweets explaining the tweet was meant to be a parody of what the MRAs might say. “goo.gl/h7Cjd . Not just brain damage MRAs, the feminists want to cut your balls off for health as you live longer!”

    I thought it was so ridiculous it couldn’t be taken seriously :-( Sorry about that if you thought I was Justicar harassing you.. Probably the worst insult I’ve had on the internet so far, and apparently deserved!

    Anyway since you got so much flak for the ‘males are damaged women’ thing I thought of your point of view when seeing this paper on men living longer when castrated and hence without male hormones. Or much reduced anyway.

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