Egyptian pro-Democracy Blogger Arrested

Alber Saber is a pro-democracy blogger in Egypt who also runs a facebook page for atheists. His neighbors found out about this and, of course, mobbed his house. The police arrived on the scene, and of course, they arrested him. He was thrown in jail and, of course, he seems to have been attacked by razor blade wielding prisoners.

Rebecca Watson has started a petition for you to sign to help make the point that the whole world is watching. Please click here and sign the petition.

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One thought on “Egyptian pro-Democracy Blogger Arrested

  1. So sad…yet the world remains silent about genocide in sudan of almost 3mill humans. only israel has saved significant numbers. now right wing christians produce a film which enrages world islam ! then lie saying they were israeli jews making movie. rev terry jones and sadlek endorsed this before election…. why? i thought they were friends of the jews? another blood libel! another protocols lie? now millions of coptics and jews are in mortal danger because of american politics? we (jews) are used to it… hertzl was right! shalom

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