Hug an atheist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My name is Sylvia, I’m a Belgian filmmaker living in England and I’m an atheist. I’m often gobsmacked at how atheism is generally perceived in the US. When I read stories like Jessica Ahlquist’s or Damon Fowler’s I just sit here in disbelief and find myself outraged.

Unlike my US friends, I can openly talk about it without the fear of persecution or the fear of losing my job, my friends or my family. It’s a cause I find myself passionate about so I’ve been wondering for a while what can I do. I’m a filmmaker. With that in mind, I would dearly love to make a film about atheism in the USA…

Thank you, Sylvia. Everyone, click here and learn all about this project and help make it happen!

Here’s a widget:

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3 Responses to Hug an atheist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Joe says:

    Sylvia, it’s actually not that bad. I’ve been an atheist for 40 years and, apart from the occasional argument, I’ve had no problems. Policitians and commentators pop off in the media about the threat posed by atheists, but you get the feeling they’ve never actually met one. We don’t cross paths very often.

  2. Paul says:

    As an Atheist who is hesitant to disclose my beliefs, or lack thereof, this project hits very close to home for me. I work with very religious people, my boss included, and I would be treated very differently is my beliefs were made known. It’s ironic that a group claiming a loving god as their inspiration has such hatred for a difference of opinion and that a group which was so persecuted at the inception of its existence can be so strident in their persecution of Atheists. I’m a good person, I love my family and my Wife, I give to charity, I rescue animals, I treat others with respect, I don’t smoke/drink/do drugs and I do all of these things because I feel them to be right, not because a book told me too… why does that make me less of a person. Or not a person at all, in the eyes of some? I applaud your project and wish you the best of luck.

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