Drop Box Raises Stakes

Just thought you’d like to know: Dropbox has doubled the amount of storage you get when you get Dropbox. I wonder if I can now fit my photographs on dropbox without resizing and compressing them first?

Probably. But the videos: no way. Damn you, Huxley, for being so cute!

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3 thoughts on “Drop Box Raises Stakes

  1. Dropbox has been working well for me. I tried Ubuntu One and never managed to get it working. After fiddling with it for a while I couldn’t even tell you what the heck it was supposed to do. Dropbox is simple . You know those files you have on your file system? One of them would be called “dropbox” and it can have subfolders. It mirrors on any other computer with your account, and it is mirrored on a web-accessible on line place.

    It is not necessarily super fast. If you throw a file in a folder, it will not magically appear on every other subfolder on the other computers. But it will eventually, and supposedly dropbox uses a local network where possible.

    Think of it as a properly implemented cross-drive rsync but where they also give you a hard drive in the sky.

  2. it also makes lugging around computers obsolete. With the storage I get from my college, I need to log in and do all sorts craziness before I get to open the files. With Dropbox, I can edit lectures at home and then when I get to work they are already there for me to continue working. I used to carry a laptop only between work and home just because of those files. Or I needed to have a pocket of flash drives. I don’t need those now.

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