Rainy Day Amusements

It’s cold and raining at the cabin. We got the physics right, capturing the cold night air through open windows and then closing up so that when it get warmer later in the day we’ll have built in air conditioning, but we might have overshot slightly. Huxley got up early and was sitting in his crib counting to ten over and over again as the sound of rain provided an accompaniment to the white-noise making fan that was running in his room. On about the 28th count, so he was heading towards 300, he hit “seven” and a flash of lightning and an instantaneous clap of thunder stopped him in his tracks and made all the electricity go off. Silence but for the rain. Then, seconds later the power came back on.

Seven. Powerful number.

And now, for your Rainy Saturday Morning Amusement, I’ve got two alternatives for you. 1) Learn the details of special relativity (Einstein wins); and 2) Man fights goose with light saber (goose wins):

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One thought on “Rainy Day Amusements

  1. Boy am I glad I’m taking a conceptual physics course. No calculus! I’m sure I’m missing a lot, but I’m getting an A. Exam is Tuesday so I’ll see how much I’ve really learned. I’ve got one more lecture and chapter that happens to be on Special Relativity to do this weekend.

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